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I have a valid CDL from another state. What do I need to transfer it to Louisiana?

​A. Your valid out-of-state photo CDL or a letter of clearance or a copy of your official driving record.
  1. In addition to number 1, you must meet the ID requirements (Section I, Policy 6.00). Original documents only. Photocopies not acceptable.
  2. Provide proof of social security number (card or letter from SSA).
  3. Submit a copy of your completed medical examiner’s certificate.
  4. Proof of insurance on any personal vehicles you have registered in Louisiana.
  5. Proof of Residency
  6. If you have and wish to retain your Hazardous Materials endorsement (X or H), you will be required to successfully complete the written test.
  7. You will be required to submit to a vision exam at the OMV office.
  8. Appropriate fee. (Section I, Policy 2.00 Fees and Duration of License)