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How do I change my Class E driver's license to a Class D Chauffeurs license?

​​A. Bring your driver's license proof of residency and proof of insurance for any vehicles you own to your local Office of Motor Vehicles. 

You will be required to take and pass the Chauffeurs knowledge test and the vision test only. You will not be required to take a road skills test. Review the Louisiana Driver's Guide and study Chapter 10. The guide is available online. 

If you have time remaining on your Class E driver's license it will be credited towards the fee for the change. 

Minors must be age 17 and require parental consent for issuance. Minors must also submit a completed Certificate of Required Attendance form obtained from the applicant's school office. Students that are home schooled must present either the Home Study Approval Notification letter or the Registered Non public School Registration Confirmation Letter.
Fee: $54.75 (a local fee may apply not to exceed $6) 

Acceptable methods of payment are as follows: 

Credit cards, debit cards, money orders. A transaction fee will be assessed for payments made with a credit/debit card as indicated below:
Credit/Debit - $1.25 plus 1% of transaction total