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What are the regulations for obtaining a first time identification card?

​​A. All residents of Louisiana are eligible to be issued a Louisiana identification card. Identification cards may be issued for any age.

To have a Louisiana Identification Card issued, you will be required to furnish the following to your local Office of Motor Vehicles:
  • One primary
  • two secondary identification documents. (See Section 1, Policy 6.00 for a complete list of acceptable identification documents.)
  • Minors (17 or under) must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian with picture I.D. In case of joint custody, only domiciliary parent may sign.
  • Fee: $18.00 (a local fee may apply which will not exceed $6) 
    If age 60 or older - NO CHARGE

Acceptable methods of payment are as follows: 

Credit cards, debit cards, money orders. A transaction fee will be assessed for payments made with a credit/debit card as indicated below:
Credit/Debit - $1.25 plus 1% of transaction total​

EXCEPTION: In order to comply with the Military Selective Service Act (Act 373 of 2003 Regular Legislative Session - R.S. 32:40:1321(D)(1)), proof of social security number is required by all male US citizens or permanent resident aliens age 15 to 26 who apply for license or ID card. Failure to provide proof of social security number will result in a denial of issuance.