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How do I obtain a motorcycle endorsement?

​​A. A separate license to operate a motorcycle is not issued in Louisiana. Once an applicant proves he is qualified, a motorcycle endorsement is added to the existing Louisiana license. 

Bring your driver's license,proof of residency and proof of insurance to a local Office of Motor Vehicles.

All applicants must successfully pass the vision exam. Additional testing is based on whether the applicant has attended a motorcycle training safety course. Applicants who have successfully completed the "Department of Public Safety, Motorcycle Safety, Awareness and Operators Training Program." on or after October 28, 2011 will be exempt from the knowledge and skills test. Any certificate with a course completion date prior to October 28, 2011 will exempt the applicant from the skills test requirement ONLY.​

A course schedule may be found at Applicants may voluntarily participate in the program if they meet the qualifications of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to apply for a motorcycle operator's endorsement. Applicants must provide the original certificate as proof of completion.

Applicants, which have not attended the course described above, will be required to successfully pass the knowledge test and a road skills test. The motorcycle study guide is available on our web site. Applicants will be required to furnish the motorcycle used in the skills test. The motorcycle must have a current license plate, proof of current insurance and a current inspection sticker. A motorcycle helmet is required for the skills test.

Fee: $18.00 (a local fee may apply not to exceed $4).

Acceptable methods of payment are as follows: 

Credit cards, debit cards, money orders. A transaction fee will be assessed for payments made with a credit/debit card as indicated below:
Credit/Debit - $1.25 plus 1% of transaction total​​

Note: Some Motor Vehicle offices do not administer the road skills tests between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Some offices schedule road skills tests. Check the field office directions for the road skills test schedule of your nearest office. Skills test are NOT given during inclement weather.