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What are the regulations for obtaining an intermediate license?


An intermediate license is the second stage in Louisiana's graduate license program. This license allows the inexperienced teen driver the ability to improve their driving skills while restricting their exposure. Teens are restricted in the times of day they may drive and the number of passengers, as well. 

After holding the learners permit for at least 180 days and upon reaching at least sixteen years of age, a minor may apply for a Class "E" Intermediate License. In order to be issued a Class "E" intermediate license, the minor applicant must successfully pass a road skills test.

The road skills test may be administered by OMV or a certified third party provider. There is a charge for certified third party tester to administer the test. The cost may be up to $40.00. If you do not own a vehicle, a third party tester may rent a vehicle to you at an additional cost. Third party testers can administer the test in inclement weather and at your convenience. Third Party Tester list. 

In order for the OMV to administer the skills test, you must present a vehicle with a current safety inspection sticker, current license plate validation sticker, current certificate of registration and proof of current liability insurance. Please check the Office Location section of our web site to determine if your local office has specific road skills test hours. Skills test are NOT given by OMV during inclement weather.

To have the Intermediate license issued, you must present the following items to a local Office of Motor Vehicles:
Acceptable methods of payment are as follows: 

Credit cards, debit cards, money orders.  A transaction fee will be assessed for payments made with a credit/debit card as indicated below:
Credit/Debit - $1.25 plus 1% of transaction total

In case of joint custody, only the domiciliary parent may sign. If a minor is accompanied by a mother who has re-married, the mother must present documentation to show the connection in the names, such as a certified copy of her divorce decree and new marriage license. 
  • The intermediate license must be maintained for a minimum of one year from the date of issuance or until the minor has reached the age of seventeen.
  • This license allows the minor to drive alone or with other passengers in the vehicle, but restricts him from driving between the hours of 11:00 PM. to 5:00 AM unless he is accompanied by a licensed parent, guardian, or adult at least twenty-one or older.
  • An intermediate licensee may not drive between the hours of 6:00 PM. and 5:00 AM. transport more than one passenger that is under twenty-one years of age and not a member of the intermediate licensee's immediate family.

After the one year period or once the minor reaches age seventeen, he may qualify for a permanent Class "E" license.