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Why do I need liability insurance on a vehicle that is inoperable or I am not driving?

‚ÄčA. You do not; however, Louisiana law requires that all motor vehicles registered in this state to maintain liability insurance.

You must surrender your plate within 10 days from the date of your cancellation notice 
Your must submit a completed Statement of Non-Use by mail or on-line at prior to the insurance cancellation date to avoid penalties and reinstatement fees.

If proof of the above is not submitted within the 10 days of the Official Notice of Cancellation you will be considered non-compliant and will owe a fee based on the schedule below:

UP to 30 days uninsured $125.00
31 - 90 days uninsured $275.00
91 days or more uninsured $525.00

If compliance is not received within 10 days of the Official Notice of Cancellation, a Notice of Delinquent Debt will be mailed out giving you 60 days to comply before your delinquent debt is transferred to the Office of Debt Recovery for collections. After 60 days the debt will be deemed final delinquent debt and the debt amount will increase to $525 plus a collection fee of 25% increasing the total debt to $656.25 per cancellation and the fee cap of $850.00 will no longer apply as provided for in LA R.S. 47:1676 (E).

Mailing address:
Office of Motor Vehicles
P. O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896