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What will happen if there are no funds available when the monthly payment is due?

​​​A. If funds are not available when payment is due you will receive a notice giving you 60 days to pay your account in full.  If the total amount due is not paid in full within 60 days, your driver's license will be suspended and any unsatisfied violations included in the installment agreement will be returned to their previous status and, if applicable, referred to the Office of Debt Recovery​ (ODR) which will subject the balance to an additional collection fee of 25% of the total of the balance owed for violations.  

Once referred to the Office of Debt Recovery, all amounts “eligible for offset” will be seized, up to the amount of the outstanding debt with OMV plus any additional fees. Also, a claim will be filed with the United States Treasury Offset Program. Collection tools may be used to collect the outstanding debt referred to ODR which may include reporting the debt to a credit reporting agency or suspending and/or revoking a professional license.​​