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How long will it take to process the reinstatement of my driving privileges?

​A. Customers that walk into a Motor Vehicle Reinstatement Office with their compliance and/or fee(s) are assisted in the order they arrive. The reinstatement is processed at that time.

Compliance and/or fee(s) that are mailed in will take approximately 10 working days from the date it is received.  If you choose to mail in your reinstatement documentation and fee, we accept money order, cashier's check or certified check made payable to the Office of Motor Vehicles.  The driver’s license number of the record you are requesting the fee to be applied to must be included on the form of payment.
                   Office of Motor Vehicles 
                   P.O. Box 64886
                   Baton Rouge, La 70896

NOTE: You will not be able to renew your license plate or driver’s license until the flag is cleared.