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What should I do if I received a 60 or 30 day Debt Recovery letter?

‚ÄčA.  Take care of it within the timeframe stated in the letter.  Following the 60th day, OMV can declare all fees owed as final delinquent debt and, once those records are forwarded to the Office of Debt Recovery, OMV cannot forgive any debt owed to the state.

When cases are referred to the Office of Debt Recovery the full amount indicated below will be due unless you were insured without a lapse in coverage with a company authorized to write in Louisiana.

All fee amounts on cases referred to Debt Recovery will increase to $525 plus a collection fee of 25% increasing the total debt to $656.25 per cancellation and the fee cap of $850.00 will no longer apply as provided for in LA R.S. 47:1676 (E).

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