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What is IRP?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a cooperative agreement among 48 states, 10 Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia which allows a motor carrier to register a commercial vehicle for travel in all member jurisdictions by reporting activity and paying fees to the home (base) jurisdiction. IRP provides for payment of registration fees based on fleet miles traveled and vehicle characteristics. Although IRP registration fees paid to the base jurisdiction are distributed to the jurisdictions in which the fleet accrued miles, only one (1) license plate and one (1) cab card is issued for each vehicle.

Apportioned plates enable a commercial truck to travel out of state without purchasing a permit. When a registrant obtains apportioned plates, a cab card detailing the jurisdictions into which the vehicle is authorized to travel and the weight at which the vehicle can operate in each of those jurisdictions is issued. This cab card becomes the legal registration for the vehicle.