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What documents are needed to establish an apportioned account?

  1. Completed Schedule A, B, E and G - which are available from the LA IRP Processing Center at 877-905-3854 or visit the web site at
  2. Signed Acceptable Distance Records for Audits form (located in the Application Packet)
  3. Proof of residency or established place of business in Louisiana (See below)
  4. Current Louisiana registration and/or current cab card
  5. Proof of current insurance showing limits of liability as required by Louisiana law.
  6. USDOT Number and Federal Tax Identification Number
  7. Appropriate UCR fees must be paid.
  8. Copy of the lease agreement if the vehicle is being leased onto a carrier.
  9. Federal heavy vehicle use tax (form 2290) - federal heavy vehicle use tax (FHVUT) is assessed on vehicles with a registered gross weight or combined gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and paid directly to the IRS each year. The following proof of payment or exemption must be submitted before registering qualified vehicles;
    1. A copy of the federal form 2290 – schedule 1 stamped paid or received by the IRS. The VINs on the schedule one must match the VINs listed on the application;
    2. A copy of the form 2290-schedule 1 as submitted to the IRS, and a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check used to pay the tax showing validation by the IRS. DO NOT send original form 2290.
    3. E-files 2290's (electronic filing) of this form is accepted and will be watermarked and/or show other designation as E-File. At this time electronic filing is required for any taxpayer reporting 25 or more vehicles.
  10. Power of Attorney - required for any vehicle registered by someone other than the owner or for anyone acting on behalf of a company or corporation other than an officer.
    NOTE: You do not have to submit proof of payment of FHVUT when registering within 60 days of date of purchase.