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What is considered an established place of business?

​A. IRP defines “base jurisdiction” as the jurisdiction where the registrant has an established place of business, where mileage is accrued by the fleet and operational records of such fleet are maintained or can be made available. IRP defines an "established place of business" as:
  1. A physical structure located within the base jurisdiction that is owned, leased or rented by the fleet registrant and whose street address shall be specified by the Applicant or Registrant.
  2. The physical structure shall be open for business and shall be staffed during regular business hours by one or more persons employed by the Applicant or registrant on a permanent basis (not an independent contractor) for the purpose of the general management of the Applicant's or registrant's trucking-related business. The trucking related business within the base jurisdiction must constitute more than just credentialing, distance and fuel reporting, and/or answering a telephone.
    1. The operational records of the fleet and the maintenance of such records.