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Do I need a U.S. DOT Number?

As a PRISM state, Louisiana requires all holders of apportioned plates to be associated with a U.S. DOT number. The bar code on each cab card contains the U.S. DOT number associated with either the motor carrier responsible for safety or the registrant.

Owner operators without operating authority, who purchase their own plates, need a registrant U.S. DOT number. A registrant U.S. DOT number is for vehicle registration purposes only and does not provide the owner/operator with any type of operating authority. The registrant U.S. DOT number should not, under any circumstances, be displayed on the vehicle. An owner operator (lessor) must provide the U.S. DOT number for the motor carrier (lessee), who is responsible for the safety information.  If the motor carrier responsible for safety has filed updated MCS-150 data within the prescribed twelve-month period, only the U.S. DOT number and FEIN of the motor carrier must be provided.  Otherwise, a current copy of the MCS-150 for the owner operator and motor carrier must be filed.

Motor Carriers who have not obtained a U.S. DOT number must complete MCS-150 and MCS-150A forms to apply for a U.S. DOT Number. The IRP Unit will assist carriers in obtaining US DOT number or carriers may contact the U. S. Department of Transportation for assistance.  A Motor Carrier is required to have a U.S. DOT Number prior to operation.

The MCS-150 form must be updated annually.  This form can be updated online at (  To update the form, click on "FMCSA Registration & Updates" and follow the instructions. A MCS-150 will be included in the IRP Renewal packet.  The updated from should be returned with the completed renewal packet.

Motor carriers who transport certain hazardous materials, in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce are required by FMCSA to have a HM Safety Permit.  A list of the hazardous materials requiring a HM Safety Permit is available online at the FMCSA website: ( in the "FMCSA Registration & Updates" section.

Carriers transporting hazardous materials of the type and quantity requiring a permit must file a MCS-150B with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  A statement that a Form MCS-150B has been filed must be submitted with your apportioned renewal application, if this form is required.  Form MCS-150B is filed in lieu of submitting the MCS-150 data. The MCS-150B form is available on the FMCSA website: ( in the "FMCSA Registration & Updates" section.  If the carrier does not have internet access, Forms MCS-150 and MCS 150B can be obtained from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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