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How do I obtain a mobility impaired license plate?

​A. In order to obtain a handicap plate, the following must be done:
  • To qualify for a handicap plate, you must have a permanent lifelong disability.
  • The Physician’s Certification of Mobility Impairment form, DPSMV 1966, must be completed by your physician.
  • If the vehicle is titled in the mobility impaired person's name and is currently licensed, the license plate and registration must be submitted to the Motor Vehicle Office, along with the completed Physician's form.
  • If the vehicle is not titled in the mobility impaired person's name, a designation form, DPSMV 4222, must be completed in addition to the completed physician's form. This form must be completed by the mobility impaired person and must indicate a designee to receive the handicap plate on his behalf. The designee must accept the designation by signing the form. The form explains to the registered owner (designee) that the mobility impaired person has the right to cancel the plate at any time and upon death of the mobility impaired person, the plate must be surrendered back to the department. If the designee's vehicle is currently licensed in this state, it will be necessary for the Louisiana license plate and registration to be surrendered at the time of conversion.
  • If a new vehicle is being purchased, these forms can be given to the dealership to submit to OMV with the registration documents. The handicap plate will be issued at the time of registration.
  • The price for a handicap plate is $10.00 for a two year plate. An $8.00 (Fees may vary) handling fee is due on all transaction except renewals.