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How do I replace a lost, stolen, or mutilated mobility impaired handicap hang tag?

‚ÄčA. If a hang tag/mobility impaired identification card is lost, destroyed or mutilated, the person to whom the card was issued may obtain a new hang tag/ID card by submitting to the local Office of Motor Vehicles an application and furnishing a statement attesting to loss, destruction or mutilation. If the applicant has a Louisiana ID card/driver's license with a photo which clearly identifies the applicant and the Social Security Number is part of the file, additional identification is not required. Otherwise, the applicant must provide the same identification requirements as when obtaining a duplicate ID card / driver's license. See Section 1, Policy 6.00 for requirements. A new hang tag/ID card will be issued for the same duration as original hang tag and a fee of $3.00 CASH will be charged.