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What if I have legally changed my name?

  • ​If the applicant is a United States citizen and his or her name has legally changed from the name shown on the primary identification document which he or she plans to provide as proof of identity (ex. birth certificate, passport, etc.), then the applicant must be prepared to present additional supporting documents.
  • Applicants who hold a Louisiana driver's license or identification card are to present the original or certified copy document which supports the most recent name change.
  • Applicants who are new to Louisiana must provide the complete trail or original or certified documents which support all name changes.
  • Acceptable documents to evidence a name change include the following:
    • A marriage certificate or license
    • Marriage license application
    • A judgement signed by a judge and filed with a Clerk of Courts Office (ex., divorce or legal name change)
    •  In cases of persons over the age of 17 being adopted by persons over the age of 18, the applicant may present a certified copy of a notorial act of adoption as provided by Title 9 of the Louisiana Revised Statues of 1950 indicating a name change.  This notorial act of adoption must be properly notarized and filed, signed by both adoptive parents and natural parents, and present together with a certified copy of the corrected birth certificate.
    • United States passport or Passport Card that has been expired for less than 10 years.
    • In the absence of a marriage certificate or license or if the marriage document is a church-issued certificate, applicants who currently hold a Louisiana driver's license or identification card can prove their current name by providing a document from the Social Security Administration showing their married name and Social Security Number AND one of the following documents:
      • Financial statement for bank/credit union account showing the married name.  This can be a joint account showing both names or an individual account.
      • Death Certificate of the spouse (can be an original, certified copy or photocopy)
      • W-2 form showing the married name
      • Medicaid Card showing the married name
      • Medicare Card showing the married name
      • Property Tax Bill or Property Title showing the married name
      • Military Dependent ID Card, valid or expired
      • Military ID Card, valid or expired​