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What are the insurance requirements?

‚ÄčA. R.S. 32:898(B) requires that proof of liability insurance be provided at the time of registration. Acceptable proof of liability insurance is listed below:

Submit a copy of insurance policy, or binder or a copy of I.D. card issued by the insurance company, or copy of declaration page, or written statement from the insurance company or agent. This statement must be on letterhead stationery, signed by representative of company/agent to include full description of the vehicle and vehicle identification number.

Proof of insurance requirements DO NOT APPLY to new or used dealer transactions (including dealer files submitted through financial institutions, auto title companies or public tag agencies) and renewals by mail.

Proof of insurance MUST BE PRESENTED for walk-ins and submitted with mail-ins on the following type transactions:
  • Sales between individuals (walk-ins and mail-ins)
  • Conversions for trucks weighing 20,001 pounds or more (walk-ins or mail-ins)
  • Renewals (walk-ins only)

Refer to Section IV, Policy 105.01 for additional information.