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Q. How do I get a copy of title records on my vehicle?

A. A copy of the Title History or any supporting documents may be obtained by submitting a request and any appropriate fees to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) as directed below.

Personal and private information will not be released to any private citizen other than the current owner.  The vehicle owner must provide written consent to release information to individuals other than those allowed under the guidelines of the Driver Privacy Protection Act.   



  • A written request, or a completed DPSMV1958 Title History Request form, specifying the documents needed (i.e., a specific transfer or complete title history) including a complete description of the vehicle.
  • A $10.00 money order, certified/cashier's check or personal check made out to the Office of Motor Vehicles must be submitted for each title history.
      • Certified Records are $2.00 per page or $10.00 if only one (1) page requires a certification stamp.
      • Request must indicate if each page of the history requires certification.
      • An advance inquiry to determine fees for files requiring certification of all pages may be directed to OMV by email at
  • All requests must be mailed to:
    Office of Motor Vehicles
    ATTN: Document Management Unit / Title History Request
    P. O. Box 64886
    Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4886
  • Law Enforcement, government agencies, or court requests must be submitted to OMV at