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What if I am no longer in business?

​A. If you are no longer in business, you must complete an updated MCS-150 and submit it to the FMCSA to have your DOT number cancelled. Fill out items 1-16 of a new MCS-150 form, check the Out of Business box at the top of the form, sign the form, and mail it to:
    FMCSA, Attn: USDOT Number Application 
    1200 New Jersey Avenue SE 
    Washington, DC 20590

You can call the FMCSA toll free at 1-800-832-5660 to have a MCS-150 form mailed to you. 

An updated MCS-150 will only exempt you from fees that are due for the current year. Any previous year’s fees which are outstanding must still be paid unless you can provide acceptable proof as to the date you went out of business. 

Forms of acceptable proof would include:
  • Documentation from the Secretary of State
  • Documentation from LA Department of Revenue
  • Copy of Death Certificate (Individual)