Driving Schools

If you are interested in applying with the OMV to open a Driving School, we invite you to read about the process and qualifications outlined in our detailed Requirements for Opening a New Driving School document. 

There are four phases in the application process to open a new driving school. To begin this process, contact the Training & Certification Unit at Ladrivingschools@dps.la.gov  with “Requesting Information for a New Driving School” in the subject line.   You will receive a response with the correct application and forms will be sent to you. 

The First Phase of the application process requires potential owners to complete an application, submit a $50.00 application fee and pass a background check.  Driving records will be reviewed for violations. The completion of Phase One determines if you will be approved as a driving school owner to continue the process.

You will be notified via email that you have been approved to submit the documents needed for Phase Two of the application process. Documents include a curriculum and lesson plans for a 30-hour driver education course, a 6-hour pre-licensing course, an 8-hour behind the wheel instruction course, a parent presentation for minor students and the school’s specifications and policies. These documents are reviewed for accuracy and completeness.  You will be notified via email if these documents are acceptable or changes are needed to documents submitted. 

Upon approval of the Phase Two documents, you may begin to look for a location, determine what type of vehicle will best suit your needs, obtain insurance quotes, a surety bond, etc. and submit these items for approval to our office.

In Phase Three, additional applications, documents and fees will be requested for approval. The applicant must attend and pass two training classes administered by the Training Certification Unit at the Office of Motor Vehicles. Upon completion of the training classes, the applicant can then submit their road skills test route for approval.

Phase Four, a contract is offered to the owner to be received and signed by OMV representatives, the school license will be sent to the school owner along with instructor and examiner licenses.  This completes the Fourth Phase. Congratulations on opening your new Driving School!


Details for the application process are found in the Requirements for Opening a New Driving School document. All necessary forms are found here. If you have any questions, contact an OMV Driving Schools representative at (225) 925-1795.