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Vehicle Registration Requirements

Section: 4. Vehicle Registration Requirements

2.00 Basic Requirements for Obtaining a Certificate of Title

2.01 Title Corrections

2.03 Completion of Vehicle Application (DPSMV 1799)

2.04 Fleet Purchases

3.00 Justice of the Peace Court Orders

4.00 Secure Power of Attorney

4.01 Power of Attorney/Mandate

5.00 Name Usage on Vehicle Certificates of Title

7.00 Open Titles

8.01 Application for Title on Antique, Classic, or Vintage Vehicles When No Current Record of Ownership Exists

8.02 Good Faith Possession of a Vehicle

9.00 Duplicate Certificates of Origin

12.01 Headquarters Procedures for Processing DOTD Violation Tickets Involving Overweight, No Plates, and/or Expired Plates and Improper Plates

13.00 Duplicate Registration Certificates

14.00 Proration/Credit Given on Truck License Plates

15.00 Duplicate Titles

16.00 Foreign Title Held by Lienholder

17.00 Forced Registration

18.00 Successions/Judgments of Possession

18.01 Small Successions

18.02 Affidavit of Heirship

19.00 Sales Taxes Charged on Termination of Leases

20.00 Permit to Sell for Stored/Repaired Vehicles

20.01 Abandoned Vehicles-Sale or Use by Municipalities and Parochial Authorities

20.02 Canceled Permits to Sell

20.03 Duplicate Permits to Sell

20.04 Unreceived Permits to Sell

20.05 Disposal of Junked Vehicles

20.06 Procedure for Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles Removed for Municipal & Parochial Authorities

20.07 Official Report of Stored Vehicle (ORSV)

20.08 Self-Park Storage Facility Procedure for Abandoned Vehicles

21.00 Sales by Trustee in Bankruptcy

22.00 Judicial Bill of Sale

23.00 Sales on Standard Form "SF97"

24.00 Transactions Involving Corporations

26.00 Volunteer Fire Departments

27.00 Nonconformity to Warranty by Sellers

28.00 Glider Kits

29.00 Unassembled Trailer Kits

30.00 Mopeds or Motorized Bicycles

31.00 Classification of a Factory Built Home as Immovable

31.01 Mobile Office Units

31.02 Act of Immobilization

32.00 Titling Motor Homes

33.00 Permit to Dismantle Vehicle

34.00 Sales of Repossessions

34.01 Vehicle Sales by Pawnbroker

35.00 Recording Liens on Vehicles

35.01 Acceptable Proof of Lien Cancellation/Prescription

35.02 Lien Termination Statements

35.03 Electronic Lien and Title Program

36.00 Substitution of Collateral

37.00 Transfer of Equity or Sale with Assumption of Mortgage or Security Agreement

37.01 Sales Tax on the Assumption of Mortgage

39.00 Cancellation Of Motor Vehicle Chattel Mortgage by IRS Tax Lien Sale

41.00 Imported and Grey Market Vehicles

42.00 Vehicle Certificate of Title Law (Salvage Vehicles)

42.01 Rebuilt Salvaged Vehicles

42.02 Out-of-State Branded Titles

42.03 Insurance Settlements When Damage Is Less Than 75% Of The N.A.D.A. Book Retail Value

42.04 Salvage Retention

42.05 Hail-Damaged Vehicles

43.00 Supporting Documents Indicate Vehicle May be Total Loss

44.00 Consignments

46.00 Boat and Utility Trailers from Out-of-State

47.00 Sales Tax on Vehicle Transfers

47.01 Trade-Ins

47.02 Criteria Necessary to Qualify as a Trade-in

47.04 Vendors Compensation Allowed for the Collection of Sale/Use Tax

48.00 Out of State Transfers and Reciprocity with Other States

49.00 Tax-Exempt Transactions and Computer Codes for Public Entities

49.01 Exempt From Sales Tax Lease/Rental Vehicles

49.02 Transactions Exempt From Sales or Use Tax - Sheltered Workshop or Supported Employment Provider for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

49.03 Exempt From State Sales Tax - Federally Recognized Indian Reservations

49.04 Exempt From Sales Tax - Ducks Unlimited and Waterfowl & Wetland Habitat

49.05 Exempt From Sales Tax - School Buses

49.06 Exempt From Sales Tax Federal and State Credit Unions

49.07 Exempt From Sales Tax Wheelchair Lifts

49.08 Exempt From Sales Tax Electric Cooperatives

49.09 Exemption From Sales Tax: Tulane University and Independent Colleges

49.10 Hold for Revenue/Exempt from State Sales Tax Mobile Homes Titled in the Name of a Tribal Member of a Federally Recognized Indian Reservation

49.11 Antique Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption

50.00 Tax / Registration Exemption for Military Personnel / Nonresident Students

52.00 Act of Donation / Manual Gift

52.02 Vehicles Donated / Loaned to Schools

53.00 Even Trade

54.00 Non-use Affidavit Filed to Exempt from License Fees/Penalty

55.00 Penalty and Interest

56.00 Federal Retailer's Excise Tax

57.00 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

58.00 Title Issuance When Dealer Fails to Remit Tax

59.00 Request for Refunds

61.00 Method of Payment and Coding

64.01 Request for Title History

69.00 Fees

70.00 Affidavit of Physical Inspection

71.01 Unreceived Titles

74.00 Property Settlements

75.00 Titling and Registering an Autocycle

76.00 Water Damaged Vehicle

76.01 Certificate of Destruction

78.00 Issuance of a Title to a Stolen Vehicles (Unrecovered Theft)

79.00 Dealer Codes

80.00 Required Odometer Statements

81.00 Sales by Self-service Storage Facility

82.00 Off-Road Vehicles

83.00 Driver's License, ID Card/Employer Identification Number On Motor Vehicle Transactions

84.00 Kit Cars

85.00 Assembled Vehicles

88.00 Voluntary Surrender of License Plates

89.00 Non-use Statements Filed Relative to No Liability Security Coverage on a Vehicle

91.00 Handling Fees

92.00 Assessments for Sales/Use Tax

93.00 Tow-Dollies

94.00 License Plates Removed by Dealers

95.00 For-hire Carrier Tax Exemption

95.01 Tax Exemption for Vehicles Used in Interstate Commerce

96.00 Lost or Stolen License Plate / Validation Sticker

97.00 Canceled/Rescinded Sales of Motor Vehicles

98.00 Vehicles Sold by Tennessee Valley Authority

99.00 Vehicles Seized for Forfeiture

100.00 Transactions Involving Trusts

101.00 Out of State Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers

102.00 Automobile and Truck Demonstrators

103.00 Auto Title Companies

103.01 Public License Tag Agent

105.01 Required Proof Of Liability Insurance Prior To Registration Of Vehicles

107.00 Trailers-homemade / Shopbuilt

108.00 Low Billing Tolerances Tax Administration No. 30.17

109.00 Registration Status And Copies Of Vehicle Records

110.00 Title Issued in the Name of a Minor

111.00 Non-Notary States and Requirements

112.00 Motor Vehicle Inspection

113.00 Low-Speed Vehicles

114.00 Notary Requirements

120.00 Auto Hulk

121.00 Alternative Procedures to Transfer Vehicles

122.00 Mini-Trucks

122.01 Utility Terrain Vehicles

122.02 Golf Carts

123.00 Expedited Title

124.00 Vehicles Titled to Dealers for Resale Purposes

125.00 Toll Violator Flag (TV)

126.00 Military Surplus Vehicles

128.00 Autism Spectrum Disorder Decal

129.00 Needs Accommodation Decal