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CDL Third Party Testers

If you are interested in applying with the OMV to become an examiner for the CDL skills test, make sure you read, understand, and meet all of the qualifications (Title 55 – rule 117, 119, and Louisiana law 32:408, 408.1, and 408.2) before completing an application. Missing information on any form will cause your application to be returned. Altering any of the pre-printed text of any of the forms will cause permanent disqualification of potential tester/examiner status.

The company official responsible for contracts should complete the CDL New Third Party Tester Application packet. Do not obtain the surety bond (as noted in the Third-Party Tester Agreement) until your new examiner attends class. The applicant should complete the CDL New Third Party Examiner Application packet (leave Examiner # blank) and the company official must attest to it, after reviewing the requirements.

Application fees to become a tester/examiner ($50.00 per site, $10.00 per examiner – payable to LA Dept. of Public Safety) are non-refundable and can be submitted the following ways:

  • With your application in the form of a single company check or money order.
  • With a credit card. In this case, you will be sent an invoice after the applications are accepted.

Information about background checks will be sent after the application and fees are received.

Your application is held on file until the next available Examiner’s class at which time you will be notified by phone.

The completed applications should be returned to:

CDL Consultant
Office of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896


If you have any questions, contact a CDL consultant at (225) 925-4977 or (225) 925-4999.