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Used Title & Registration

All used vehicles must be titled with OMV. To title a used vehicle, the following items must be mailed or delivered to the OMV Headquarters or may be processed in an OMV office or at a Public Tag Agent location:

  • A completed vehicle application form (DPSMV 1799)
  • "Current" certificate of title assigned before a notary by seller to purchaser, with the properly released lien, if applicable. If the bill of sale, invoice, or title is notarized, the file will be acceptable
  • If the vehicle is not exempt from odometer requirements and the back of the title does not contain an Odometer Disclosure Statement, a supplemental Odometer Statement must be submitted. 
  • An authorized agent of a federally insured financial institution may witness assignment instead of a notary when:
    • The seller is present.
    • A lien is being recorded at the time ownership is transferred.
    • A designation of authorized officers on letterhead of the federally insured financial institution (or otherwise identifying the financial institution) is provided as either an original document or a photocopy.
    • NOTE: Act of Donation must be notarized.
  • Original notarized bill of sale or invoice specifying the actual consideration involved and full description of vehicle. If an invoice from a dealer is submitted, the full description of the trade-in vehicle (if any), and the dealer's current permit number must be indicated.
    • It is only necessary to notarize the bill of sale, invoice, or title. However, if a trade vehicle is listed on the bill of sale, it must be notarized.
    • If a tax credit is shown on an invoice, the invoice must be notarized.
      • Exception: If the state is a non-notary state, then the invoice is not required to be notarized.
    • A separate bill of sale is not required if the selling price is included on a title with a notarized assignment.
    • If the vehicle sale occurs in a state with a notarial requirement, the itemized invoice submitted must be the original and notarized. If the original is lost, a certified true copy can be accepted.
    • A carbon copy of a bill of sale can be accepted if being submitted from a state that does not require notarization.
  • Original or copy of properly completed UCC-1 form (financing statement) or other security agreement, if a lien is to be recorded.

If you wish to obtain a license plate, in addition to the items above, the following must be included:

  • A copy of each vehicle owner’s current and valid photo identification (driver’s license or identification card issued by this state or another state).
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage (unless the vehicle transfer is being submitted by a licensed vehicle dealer).



Fees necessary for used vehicle registration:

  • $68.50 title fee
  • $15.00 lien recordation fee for UCC-1 financing statements or $10.00 lien recordation fee for other security agreement documents, if applicable.
  • $8.00 handling fee
  • $6.00 local fee (may apply and will not exceed $6)
  • License plate fee based on type/weight/selling price of the vehicle.
  • Sales use tax will be based on the domicile of the vehicle and will be assessed on the sales prices of the vehicle minus any qualifying trade vehicle and rebate. Click here to view the Parish Tax Table.