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License Renewal

Louisiana law requires a license holder to be eligible to renew their license up to 180 days prior to or upon expiration. An applicant may change his class of license at renewal or between the renewal periods. Driver's license renewal invitations are issued to all qualified applicants about 100 days in advance of the month of expiration. If you do not receive the invitation, it will be necessary for you to renew your driver's license at your local Office of Motor Vehicles. Restriction changes may be made at any time.


  • Proper Identification
  • Collection of the applicant’s social security number
  • Successful passing of vision test
  • Proof of current liability insurance, if applicable
  • Proof of Louisiana residency
  • Successful completion of required tests, if applicable

Additional Information

Any law enforcement officer, court officer, and member(s) of his immediate family as defined in R.S. 32:409(C) shall be given the option of providing his official work address or post office box instead of a residential address. If a person exercises this option, then the person shall not be eligible for voter registration at the driver’s license facility as provided for in R.S. 18:114. A Non-Disclosure Form (DPSMV 164) must be completed and submitted with original proof of employment or retirement. The proof of employment or retirement must be dated with the most recent 6 months, the original form and original proof of employment or retirement must be submitted along with the application for imaging. Participants in the program will not be eligible to register to vote at the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Louisiana’s Address Confidentiality Program is administered by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. The program provides relocated victims of abuse, sexual assault or stalking with substitute services (e.g., driver’s license, voter registration, public school records, etc.)

All applicants enrolled in this program will be issued an Address Confidentiality Program Authorization Card and must present it to the operator when requesting Address Confidentiality Program privileges.