Phone: (225) 925-6146

Special & Personalized Plates

Louisiana offers a wide variety of specialty license plates, as well as your choice of a personalized plate. CLICK HERE for the Specialty Plates Viewer to view available plate options and submit your request online for OMV processing. Special plate selections will allow you to view applicable fees and print necessary paperwork to be mailed to OMV for processing. 

Important information for requesting a specialty license plate:

  • The vehicle must be properly titled and registered in your name in Louisiana.
  • Certain specialty plates have specific qualifications and eligibility requirements - take note of these when ordering.
  • Specialty plate fees vary. The fee calculation on this site is valid for regular license plates only. Calculations may change and are non-binding.

Contact the Specialized Vehicle Unit at 225-925-6278 or 225-925-6146 for assistance.