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A Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) shall be obtained for the purpose of behind-the-wheel training of a commercial motor vehicle.

Requirements to obtain a Commercial License Permit:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a valid class "A", "B", "C", "D", or "E" license, issued by the same jurisdiction that issued the CLP
  • Have a current Medical Examiner's Certificate (MCSA5876)
  • Complete a CDL Supplemental Form (DPSMV2211), initially and anytime the type of commerce changes.
  • Pass all applicable tests
  • Provide proof of Louisiana Residency. Acceptable documentation includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • A Louisiana voter's registration card
    • A Louisiana property tax receipt from the tax assessor's office, indicating the property owner is the same individual as shown on the exemption certificate.
    • A copy of a lease or rental agreement on property within the State of Louisiana, indicating the lessee is the same individual.
    • Utility statements (electric, gas, water, telephone, or Cablevision) indicating the applicant's name and address.
    • A statement on letterhead stationery, from the postmaster in the city where the applicant resides verifying the mailing address of the applicant and stating that the applicant receives mail at that address.
    • W-2 Forms reflecting the applicant's name and Louisiana address.
    • Current health, home or personal vehicle insurance policy reflecting the name of the applicant and the applicant's Louisiana address.
    • A copy of the current telephone statement listing the physical address and the individual's name.

The CLP holder must be accompanied by the holder of a valid commercial driver's license (CDL) at all times. The CDL holder must have the proper class and endorsement for the operation of the vehicle being used for training and must occupy the front seat of the vehicle and be in direct observation and supervision of the permit holder at all times.

You may be required to take ELDT training to take your skills test.  Please visit FMCSA’s ELDT training site for more information.

The CLP holder is not eligible to take the CDL skills test in the first 14 days after the initial issuance of the CLP.

Physicals must be performed by a medical examiner certified by the National Registry of Medical Examiners. Please visit NATIONAL REGISTRY for a list of certified medical examiners.

The only endorsements and corresponding restriction codes that can be issued on a CLP are:
  • "N" - Tank/69 restriction
  • "P" - Passenger/07 restriction
  • "S" - School Bus/restriction

Out-of-State Applicants

Out-of-state students who are attending a driver training school may obtain and use a CLP in combination with a valid driver's license issued by their home state (states must match) if the above requirements are met.

Expiration Date Extension

A CLP is issued for up to 180 days with an option to extend for an additional 180 days (if additional training time is needed). The term of the CLP cannot exceed 360 days from the date of initial issuance.

There is no charge for the extension.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Every applicant for a hazmat endorsement (new, renewal, change-state-of-record) is required to have a security threat assessment prior to the issuance of a hazmat endorsement. This is a federal requirement. The state has no discretion. You are also required to take and pass the knowledge test for the hazmat endorsement (new, renewal, change-state-of-record).

If you have never had a verifiable hazardous materials endorsement before, you will be required to take ELDT training before you can take the written test. Contact a hazmat training provider for training before attempting to take the hazmat test.

Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT) is the agent for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who will capture and submit fingerprints for Louisiana. The cost to be fingerprinted is $86.50, payable by credit/debit card, money order, certified check or company check.  To initiate your application, go to or call toll free at 1-855-347-8371.

If you have not had a security threat assessment, you have the following options:

Option 1:
If your home licensing state utilizes IBT, you can apply for the security threat assessment at one of the Louisiana locations. Once the threat assessment has been completed and your home-state-of-record notified, Louisiana can verify that assessment and transfer your license with the Hazmat endorsement. In essence, you would retain your hazmat endorsement through the entire process.

Option 2:
You can transfer your license without the hazmat endorsement and then apply for the threat assessment.

Option 3:
If your home licensing state does not utilize IBT, you can return to your home state to apply for the threat assessment and, once it is completed and verified, transfer your license with the hazmat endorsement.

Please make every effort to contact IBT using the website ( or the toll-free number (1-855-347-8371) in order to initiate your application.

Hazmat Drivers

Please read Integrated Biometric Technology’s (IBT’s) 4 Step Application and Fingerprinting Process to ensure that all HAZPRINT driver applicants are taken care of quickly and efficiently. IBT is the authorized contractor for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) hazmat threat assessment program.

Step 1- Filling Out the Application

Drivers should complete the TSA HAZPRINT driver application on our, or by calling the Driver Service Center at (1-855-347-8371). The operator at the Driver Service Center will guide the driver through the process and ensure the application is completed correctly. The driver can also call the Service Center at any time if they have questions about the website. It is important to note that the application must be completed, either on-line or through the Driver Service Center, prior to arriving at the fingerprint capture location. It cannot be done at the fingerprinting site.

Included with the application process is the payment of a $86.50 fee. There are two forms of payment accepted: Credit Card and Money Order. The driver can pay by credit card directly on the website or by providing the information to the operator at the Driver Service Center. Electronic payments are the most secure and convenient for the driver, and will save time at the fingerprint collection site. For those drivers who choose not to pay electronically, the driver must bring a money order in the amount of $86.50, made out to Integrated Biometric Technology, LLC, to the fingerprint collection site.

Remember, whatever payment method is chosen by the driver, they must complete the application on-line or by calling the Driver Service Center in advance of being fingerprinted, as we cannot fingerprint a driver who has not completed the HAZPRINT application and paid the $86.50 fee.

Step 2- Getting Fingerprinted

The driver’s fingerprints will be collected at one of over 100 fixed and mobile sites in the United States. The web site and the Driver Service Center, (1-855-347-8371), are the best sources of information on current site locations, operating hours, and driving directions to the site. Drivers from any of the participating states can be printed at any of our sites- even those in another state. Drivers will be required to provide 2 forms of identification prior to being fingerprinted. Please refer to the List of Acceptable Primary and Secondary Forms of Identification for details. In addition to being fingerprinted, the driver will be asked to review and electronically sign the application to verify its accuracy.

NOTE** The fingerprint capture location only collects and forwards the electronic application and fingerprints. They do not have specific information about the program, nor will they receive status reports after the submission is made.

Step 3- Security Threat Assessment

Based on the data provided on the HAZPRINT application, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will perform a threat assessment for each driver applicant.

The results of this assessment will be provided directly to the applicant’s state Department of Motor Vehicles. The applicant will also receive a letter from TSA with the results of the assessment.

Step 4- Status

Approximately 6 weeks after the applicant has been fingerprinted, if he/she has not received a letter from the TSA, information on the status of an application should be available at the Driver Service Center at (1-855-347-8371).

After obtaining the CDL permit, you may be required to take training.  Please visit FMCSA’s ELDT website for applicability or contact a training provider.

After taking the required training, if applicable, contact a third-party tester to take your skills test. 

When you have successfully completed the above, return to the Office of Motor Vehicles to be issued the CDL license.  Fees for the CDL application and the CDL license can be found by clicking here.