Issuance of Driver's License

Classes of Licenses and Age Requirements

Commercial Learner's Permit

Farm Related Service Industry CDL Waiver

Commercial Driver's License Self-Certification and Medicals

Fees and Duration of License/ID Card

Disabled Veterans -- Free Driver's License / Identification Card

Veteran Indicator

"I'm a Cajun" Indicator

Wildlife and Fisheries Endorsement

Blood Type Indicator

Needs Accommodation Indicator

Screening Applicants

Issuance of Drivers License to Intoxicated or Impaired Person

Special Assistance to Impaired Individuals

Voter Registration (Motor-Voter)

Residency Requirements for Issuance of a Driver's License or Identification Card

Renewals, Class and Restriction Changes Between Renewals

Driver's License Renewal by Mail or Internet - Class D and E License Only

Failure to Complete Required Examination for Driver's License Issued

License Under Suspensions or Revocation

Identification Requirements

Driver Education Requirements

Driver's License Issuance for Aliens Temporarily Residing in Louisiana

Requirements for Issuance of a Real Id Drivers License or Identification Card

Authorization / Licensing of a Minor's Application for a Driver's License

Provisional Custody by Mandate

Free Driver's License / Identification Card for Children in Foster Care

Vision Test / Class "E" and "D"

Bioptic Telescopic Lenses

Knowledge Examinations for All Classes

Vehicle Inspection Prior to Road Skills Test

Road Skills Tests

Restrictions and Endorsements

Photographing an Applicant

Anatomical Donations / "Living Will" Declaration

Delinquent Fees

Out-of-State Transfers

Reciprocity With Other Countries

Identification Cards

Identification Card Renewal by Mail or Internet

ID Cards Issued for Voter Registration Purposes

Duplicate License / Identification Card

Motor Cycle Endorsements

Name Changes and Usage

Gender Change / Reassignment

Medical and Behavior Reports

Louisiana Vision Waiver Program

Special Examinations Failure to Meet Requirements for Safe Driving

Military/Peace Corps Personnel and Dependents

Reconstructed Driver's License / Identification Card

Photo Retakes

Consular Corp Driver's Licenses

Special Identification Stickers for the Deaf

Louisiana Driver's, Motorcycle and CDL Guides

Updates to Driver's License Masters on Cancelled, Deceased, or Out-of-state Drivers

Handling Fee

Fees Levied by Local Governing Authorities

Temporary Driving Permits Issued by Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Black & White Photo Requests

Seatbelt Exemptions

Military Selective Service Act

Social Security Verification

Sex Offender Indicator